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The world’s greenest structural lightweight aggregate

Novagg has mastered the manufacture of lightweight aggregate from 98% waste content, diverted from landfill. Mixed coloured cullet glass is blended with hazardous industrial mineral wastes (from the steel, aluminium, chemical, water and energy sectors, for example) and the raw materials are pelletised and processed at 750°C, some 400°C less than is normal for the industry using standard rotary kiln technology.

The wastes are converted into a new and inert product as confirmed by Imperial College London and others and resource efficiency is delivered with raw materials bloated into a lightweight engineered product with up to five times volumetric expansion.

Novagg has a market leading specification in density, strength and exceptionally low water absorption. A recyclable product, the whole life carbon footprint is reduced substantially from cradle to cradle as lightweight construction demand rises.


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