Natural Grass

LOCATION Paris, France
AREA OF IMPACT Urban Transitions

Innovative solutions to scale-up urban green surfaces

Natural Grass develops innovative technologies towards the widespread adoption of vegetal solutions into cities. In particular, we offer new technologies to optimize green roofs, green walls, green parking slots and high performance sports turf.

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Our vision of a green, environmental city is empowered by a groundbreaking technology developed and patented by Natural Grass: the Radicalé substrate. A mix of sand, cork, and microfibers, the Radicalé substrate has several exceptional technical properties.

The Radicalé has been specially designed to overcome the challenges of urban vegetation. Compared to competing solutions, it shows several remarkable properties that enable the realization of vegetal projects in urban contexts: lightness and cohesion, outstanding resistance to usage and trampling, remarkable thermal and acoustic properties.

This technology already convinced prestigious clients: our sports turf technology is installed in four of the Euro 2016 stadia and in the training pitches of Real Madrid and FC Arsenal, and our green building technology is installed in office buildings of some of the largest French companies.

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