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Water filtration in emerging markets

In East-Africa there are 50 million people who lack access to clean drinking water.

Water is often boiled in an open stove by burning charcoal to treat it before consumption. This process is expensive, inefficient and harmful to human health, not to mention the negative environmental impacts that charcoal production and burning has.

Nanomaji is a simple water filter that uses a highly advanced filter medium, manufactured by Ahlstrom, to tackle all the above-mentioned problems. It is specifically designed to fit the local needs and environment to limit the necessary behavioural changes for the consumer.

The impact that Nanomaji can have on greenhouse gas emissions is huge. By replacing the charcoal with a Nanomaji filter, more than half a kilogram of CO2 is saved per each litre of water. Now, think how many millions of litres can we potentially filter and what the overall impact could be.

Nanomaji has also won the Finnish Climate Launchpad competition. National First prize winner

Read more about the start-up here and here


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