Morpho Solar

LOCATION Trondheim, Norway

Solar cooking and thermal energy storage

Morpho Solar’s mission is to design solar energy household products that help people live sustainably, respecting the resources of our one earth.

Morpho Solar have been a part of the Climate-KIC Alumni since Autumn 2016.

With cutting edge technology on solar thermal energy storage, Morpho Solar are developing a new generation of environmentally friendly batteries. Being a pioneer on the market, Morpho Solar are developing an innovative heat storage unit for solar cookers that allows cooking when the sun is not out, both during night time or on partly cloudy days. It reaches temperatures of 220C and can store energy for three hours.

Morpho Solar’s products are designed and developed in collaboration between engineers in Norway and nomads in the Himalayas, resulting in high-performance systems that are user-friendly, robust and efficient. Morpho Solar collaborate with One Earth Designs, where the solar stove SolSource and Morpho Solar’s heat battery make a great combination. The companies have co-branding – please visit for more info.


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