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Energy for off-grid areas

mobile hydro’s innovation “Rotor” is a small low-cost mobile hydro power plant, which provides electricity for regions without grid connection.

About 300 million people worldwide have no access to electricity, but live close to rivers. Electrical supply plays an important role in improving the living conditions and economic development. For lighting, supply of small loads such as refrigerators and water pumps or charging of mobile phones, there is a definite need in all remote rural areas of the world. Yet current solutions are very expensive, complicated and site specific.

mobile hydro addresses this niche with an easy plug-and-play solution providing renewable electricity in various geographic settings with a convincing cost-performance ratio. The mobile hydro power plant “Rotor” is a low-cost, robust, easy-to-install and -maintain energy solution with the primary goal of energy supply for off -grid areas.


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