LOCATION West Midlands, UK
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The world’s first 1-stroke engine - an 'eco-engine' for the 21st century

US Start-up Tour 2014The Libralato engine is a revolutionary new rotary engine. It is the world’s first 1-stroke engine – all of the engine phases take place in each revolution, in parallel. It is as efficient as a diesel engine (using gasoline) but half the size and weight (and much lower cost).

The Libralato engine is a game changing technology for affordable hybrid electric vehicles – the space and weight and cost savings of the engine enable all the hybrid components (including batteries) to fit within standard engine cavities.

The Libralato engine enables a new kind of ‘Town & Country’ hybrid which drives electric in towns and cities and is engine driven on the open road – the average car becomes capable of 100+ mpg (UK)/ 60g/km CO2, in a way that is cost competitive without subsidy – payback from fuel savings in under 2 years.


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