Leachate Treatment Solutions

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Creating a sustainable method of treating landfill leachate

Leachate Treatment Solutions Ltd are solving a major waste challenge for landfill operators in both the public and private sectors – treating the toxic liquid that drains from the landfill and industrial waste (known as leachate).

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The company’s solution uses more sustainable methods and operates at almost half the cost of the current options on the market. Targeting landfill owners who have to treat and dispose of leachate as a condition of their landfill licences, Leachate Treatment Solutions Ltd has utilised a hybrid of technologies to devise one combined treatment system, which unlike its competitors, is both sustainably efficient and cost effective.

The LTS treatment method eliminates treatment chemicals, eliminates treatment transport, uses less energy in its processes, and reduces the risks of ground water contamination.  Able to design and treat the leachate at almost 40% of current operating costs, Leachate Treatment Solutions are at a distinct advantage in their sector.

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