YEAR FOUNDED October 2015

Efficient oxygen sensor reduces fuel consumption

KeraSense has developed an oxygen sensor which is more precise and also smaller and cheaper than existing sensors. The sensor increases the efficiency of combustion engines.

Current oxygen sensors need a supply of ambient air in order to work, making them bulky, and unsuitable to be placed in environments where such a supply is not present. The new sensor is based on an internal reference, thus needing no access to ambient air. This allows for a very compact sensor that has a short response time, fast heat up and can be placed almost everywhere. This makes it easier and cheaper to produce, but most importantly allows for better measurements.

The sensor can be extended to be sensitive to other gasses like NOx and COx, and even be combined in the same chip, allowing for very compact solutions, for detection of several emission gasses, controlling gas mixing or for environmental monitoring.

The company is a spin-out of the Technical University of Denmark.



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Jesper Lundeman, Co-Founder and Senior business Developer