LOCATION The Netherlands
AREA OF IMPACT Urban Transitions

Your ideal festival tent

Recyclable Cardboard Tents
Each year many tents are left behind after visiting a multi-day festival. This comes down to 25,000 tents per year only in the Netherlands, where KarTent is based.

To reduce the amount of waste, KarTent developed a temporary festival tent made entirely out of cardboard. The cardboard allows easy recycling of the tent; after the festival the tent can go directly to the paper recycling industry. 

The design of the tent ensures that water and humidity are no problem. The tent should easily last 4 days; exactly the duration of a festival.

KarTent features

  • 100% recycable
  • Can accommodate max. 2 people
  • Resistant to some water due to high-quality kraftliner cardboard
  • The tent will be delivered at the festival of your choice, so you do not have to bring your own tent
  • Easy to print.



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