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Stop waste becoming waste

iZdesign’s ultimate goal is to enable a zero waste world where people and companies recognise all residue or subsidiary materials are repurpose-able resources of high value, reducing natural resource consumption, and waste streams to landfill.

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It is the passion of founder Daniel Cremin, who is constantly looking for ways to employ existing technology to stop waste becoming waste. To enable this, they are establishing an Online Waste Exchange Network for Industrial Symbiosis, creating a streamlined process and infrastructure for recovering materials and value from waste; supporting small and medium business enterprises into Industrial Symbiosis market. This will help those businesses to extract revenue value from waste and strengthens circular economy strategies.
The climate impact of iZdesign’s plans is impressive, resulting in a significant increase in resource efficiency, and in the reduction of natural resource consumption . It reduces both waste streams going to landfill and CO2 emissions, and creates the possibilities for environmental, economic innovation opportunities.

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