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Making smarter buildings with better energy efficiency

IsGreen is a technological company dedicated to make smarter buildings with a better energy efficiency.

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This is done with an unique algorithm that knows how the space in buildings is used and through that manages lighting and air conditioning intelligently. IsGreen aims to turn all air conditioning smart and autonomous so buildings can reap off the most from free cooling and heating.
The uniqueness of IsGreen’s technology is the distinctive space occupancy analysis algorithm to always guarantee the right amount of light or, in this case, renewed air when and where necessary. The system is made of a distributed intelligence wireless network of controllers that exchange operational data in real time and take local decisions based on space usability knowledge. This solution is easy to install (non-intrusive) competing with the last generation HVAC systems, easy to check the results and equipment operating conditions. Also, it is operated through your smart-phone.
The IsGreen’s Smart Occupancy System regulates the demand of HVACs according to the space effective use and occupancy. It is possible to control the inertia, temperature and quality of the air reducing the amount of functioning hours of the HVAC system and consequently consuming significantly less energy, as most existing systems do not have individual or automatic control. Apart from that, this system will generate data relevant to the global mapping of buildings’ greenhouse gas emissions.
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