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LOCATION Germany/Munich

Healthy room climate through multifunctional ceiling systems.

interpanel manufactures, develops and distributes multi-functional ceiling modules that integrate daylight-quality lighting, acoustics, heating and a unique climate independent radiant cooling technology to ensure a healthy room climate. The interpanel ceiling panels are the high-quality all-in-one room climate solution for offices, conference rooms, workspaces, hospitals and industry spaces.

More than 30 per cent of the energy demand worldwide goes toward the heating and cooling of buildings, with an exponential growth rate in cooling energy demand, especially in hot-humid countries. The patented technology from interpanel is a radiant surface-based cooling technology that works below the dew-point of the ambient air, enabling the first worldwide application of efficient radiant based cooling systems also in hot-humid countries at a much higher efficiency, cooling capacity comfort level.

In addition, the retrofittable and modular ceiling-system integrates Human Centric Lighting Technology which supports the biologic circadian rhythm. Furthermore, the panel has a high acoustic absorption behind the interchangeable surface.

The room climate ceiling achieves optimal visual, acoustic and thermal comfort whilst using minimal resources and energy and with minimal installation and engineering complexity in new and existing buildings.

interpanel distributes all necessary components and services to deliver the ultimate in comfort with minimal energy and resource use.


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