Hydra Storage

LOCATION The Netherlands

Storing tomorrow’s energy today!

Hydra Storage uses excess energy to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen is stored for when it is needed. The hydra storage platform is modular, which means it can be altered according to the customers’ needs. This way the stored hydrogen can be used to produce energy again or to supply hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles. The latter application is interesting for companies that want to make their business model circular: e.g. excess power and heat can be used to power their vehicles.

Why hydrogen?
The Dutch landscape is changing, wind turbines and solar panels are everywhere. These new energy sources are, however, unpredictable in their power output. At peak energy production, a lot of the clean energy goes to waste. The same can be said for excess heat produced by industrial processes. Hydrogen is producible in large quantities, it has a high energy density, it is possible to storage for weeks and is has a very clean energy output.


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Ivar Luiten