Hawa Dawa

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Hawa Dawa offers a new bottom-up air quality monitoring technique that provides remote, real-time and insitu air quality data anywhere and anytime.

By combining a network of small, portable and stationary sensors with machine learning and powerful modelling techniques a live finely-grained air pollution map of cities becomes possible. At the heart of this infrastructure lies an affordable and portable air quality measuring device. It measures PM, O3, NO2 and Carbon emissions.

Detailed data is sent stationary sensor modules connected via Wi-Fi, where the location can be added & forwarded anonymously to an online database. Adding location data combined with powerful modelling techniques (e.g. adding land-use & wind patterns, or street infrastructure), facilitates a live pollution map of a city.- The map can be accessed by anyone using the App, even if he/she does not own a sensing device. Together with open data the historic pollution values can even be used to provide a pollution forecast. Through this 3 tier approach (device, app & map) Hawa Dawa can greatly expand on the software features adding routing options for routes with lowest exposure & individualized health recommendations for med-tech applications.


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