LOCATION The Netherlands
AREA OF IMPACT Sustainable Land Use

Sustainable wellness

Hamwells builds an e-shower with circulation mode for a truly sustainable wellness experience.

We all enjoy long hot showers, but we also want to save on water and energy. This is why Hamwells build the e-shower. It offers a circulation mode that delivers a sustainable wellness experience. It gives up to 30 liters (8 gallons) a minute whilst saving up to 90% on water and energy. 

The e-shower offers a choice between a classic mode and a circulation mode. The classic mode uses a low flow shower head and works just like a traditional shower: all water is drained. The circulation mode starts with fresh water: it’s Rapid Refreshment technology constantly filters, replaces and purifies the water.

You can connect a device to your e-shower to stream music, check your savings, or start your shower.

From gorgeous design to intuitive controls, the Hamwells e-shower is a choice for the most spectaculair wellness in its most sustainable form.


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