LOCATION West Midlands, UK
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DrainMiserTM: Doubles the energy from your Dollar


Greengineering Limited integrates new and existing technology in novel ways, to create innovative solutions.

Our new DrainMiserTM product range is a flexible system for capturing thermal waste energy from waste water. This system helps to reduce energy consumption in domestic and commercial settings.

DrainMiserTM systems comprise both passive and active ‘add-ons’ which integrate seamlessly with water and ground sourced heat pumps. Our unique breakthrough system uses air sourced heat pumps to facilitate recovery of thermal energy from waste water.

Our research and development of this technology was fully funded by the British Government. It has been proven by our own research and verified by industry experts. This breakthrough enables cost effective recovery of energy from waste water.

Greengineering was a participant in the US Start-up Tour 2014.