Full Grown

LOCATION Wirksworth, UK
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Trees patiently grown into art and furniture

Full Grown designs and grows furniture and other useful products. But more than that, they have developed a new manufacturing system: bypassing current wasteful methods by growing and then grafting tree shoots directly into solid shapes and forms.

They solve two main problems for their customers without compromising quality or functionality:

  1. Firstly, the feeling that some things could be produced much more efficiently and beautifully, with less waste and without the need for unfair labour practices. Instead of growing trees for 50+ years only to cut them up and stick them back together in different forms, Full Grown’s approach is simply to grow the end product.
  2. The second problem they solve is the feeling that many people have of being ‘disconnected’ from both the natural and human-made world by the mass-produced objects that surround us.

The results serve a practical function, but are also a way of bringing the culture of the countryside into a home or office.


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