Energy Way

LOCATION Modena, Italy

Adaptive framework able to understand the dynamics of the system and optimize its efficiency

Baseline DinamicaTM is an innovative solution that allows the control, prediction and reduction of energy consumption. Our methodology allows to process a very high number of data and correlate complex phenomena, giving the possibility of performing a fine tuning of complex industrial processes.

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Baseline DinamicaTM is an advanced Engineering Service which purpose is to process a very high number of data and to control phenomena which dominating variables are non-linearly correlated; Baseline DinamicaTM allows the user to performing a fine tuning of complex industrial processes and, ultimately, reducing energy consumption.

Baseline Dinamica™ is a solution to the interpretation of big data in the field of energy saving and is based on creating a machine-learning modeled algorithm able to identify the main variables that should be modified to optimized the energy system analyzed.

Unlike traditional methods of data analysis our product wants to be a real “process phenomenology” that allows the Energy Manager to take data-driven decision, as well as instinct and past experience, to identify and solve problems in real time. Due to the complexity of proprietary algorithms and the unusal approach to the problem, we think we still have time margin compared to potential competitors.

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