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LOCATION Trondheim, Norway
AREA OF IMPACT Urban Transitions

From societal climate needs to individual climate actions

Ducky is a digital tool designed to quantify, visualise and communicate everyday climate activities in order to spread knowledge and motivate people towards climate-friendly habits and sustainable lifestyles. It helps users to achieve their personal targets, and facilitates progress towards business, local, regional, national and global climate goals.

Ducky exists as a mobile responsive web-based app made to disseminate and apply climate research, and engage its users in moving towards climate-friendly habits. Users can check and log climate activities, as well as post achievements, ideas, thoughts or photos on the “inspiration” page. All the activities are self-reported and quantified by CO2e emission savings and rewarded by points. At the moment, the digital tool is available in a beta version at

Ducky interlinks the environmental needs amongst all societal stakeholders (state, municipalities, businesses, NGOs, researchers and households) in one digital solution. In this way, Ducky shall enable policy makers to communicate and reach climate goals while using digital innovation to merge societal climate needs with individual climate actions.

To the best of our knowledge, Ducky is the first working system combining climate awareness and behaviour change with eco-visualisation and gamification aspects, by using scientifically approved climate research results. In other words, Ducky is fully credible data based engagement platform that will disseminate findings on households’ climate impact and actions to reduce it. Moreover, Ducky will serve as engagement platform that will bind corporate values with individual actions of employees, hence increase their motivation and loyalty in the working environment.  


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