LOCATION Budapest (Hungary)
AREA OF IMPACT Sustainable Land Use

Produce drinking water from air when you're out of the cities' grid

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We provide lightweight portable fog collectors for professional hikers. They produce drinkable water when it is needed. We want to reach our customers trough a kickstarter campaign. We plan to organize the production and assembling in Hungary. The portable of collector would be less than 1kg and would cost 50 dollars based on the price of a prototypes. We would invest our revenue to other products such as fog collectors for hotels, farms, private houses which are located out of the grid. We plan to use a certain share of our revenue to build up fog and dew collectors in disadvantaged areas where dew and fog collecting would be a good alternative water source.

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Janoch Dénes (CEO)
Dömsödi utca. 29.
Budapest 1106