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Transforming sunshine into water

The Desolenator purifies water from any source and with the power of the sun alone. We aim to provide water independence to 1 million people by 2020.

Desolenator Ltd has patented a method of water distillation that operates entirely by the power of the sun. It purifies water from any source with no chemicals, no filters and no moving parts. The result is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly method of water desalination.

On average, a simple (1 sqm) solar PV panel has a power output of less than 200Watt per square meter. The rest of the solar energy received (1000W) is either reflected or converted into heat. It is the basic aim of the Desolenator to harvest and use both the heat energy and the electrical energy created. The Desolenator captures both these sources , locks them into the device by means of insulation and uses a heat exchanger to produce a record-breaking yield of clean drinking water per square meter of solar irradiation.