Desert Control

AREA OF IMPACT Sustainable Land Use

We turn sandy desert into fertile soil

2015 was the warmest year on record and the temperature keeps increasing, turning more areas into deserts. Water is a scarce resource and with ever increasing dry areas, more water is needed to irrigate land, in order to make it fertile.

Turning desert in green land
To cultivate desert into farm land normally takes 7-15 years, but Desert Control found a way to convert sandy soil into fertile land in 7 hours. Desert Control produces Liquid NanoClay (LNC) by combining clay and water in a patented mixing process. The mix sinks into the soil, creating a 40-60 cm deep layer, which retains the water like a sponge. This layer stops water from evaporating and ensures optimal growing conditions for anything you plant in it. One application of LNC lasts a minimum of 5 years.

NanoClay is completely organic and doesn’t use any chemicals. Tests have shown a significant yield increase on anything planted in soil treated with LNC and fertiliser. Turning desert to green land lowers the surface temperature around 15°C and reduces CO2 emissions by 15-25 tons per hectare.



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