Delft IMP

LOCATION The Netherlands

Highly efficient catalysts

Delft IMP (Intensified Materials Production) uses gas phase deposition technologies for nanostructuring of particles. This includes atomic layer deposition (ALD) and a variant, called molecular layer deposition (MLD). These techniques result in a homogeneous coating on particles in the nanometer scale.

Over 90% of all chemical processes use catalysts, for example, to transform oil into usable products such as petrol and Lego. Delft IMP’s patented technology gets up to 60% more usable product out of the same amount of oil. Delft IMP licenses its technology to catalyst producers, in return for 15% of the increased profit. 

This production technique produces highly efficient catalysts and enables the transition from an oil-based economy to a bio-based economy. When implemented for all catalysts worldwide this technology can result in 2.5 to 5 billion Euros in energy savings. 


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