CyBe Construction B.V.

LOCATION The Netherlands
AREA OF IMPACT Urban Transitions

3Dconcrete printing

The current construction industry faces various challenges which are partly caused through the use of low tech or mid tech construction methods such as Limestone Bricks, Prefab and Insitu Concrete. In order to solve these challenges newly high tech construction methods are needed, such as 3Dconcrete printing.

CyBe Construction is developing such a 3Dconcrete printing method consisting out of the 3Dprintable concrete and the 3Dconcrete printers. Besides developing these 3Dprinters CyBe will utilize them to build e.g. structural walls on-site.

Benefits of 3Dconcrete printing

  • Environmental friendly construction method which produces no waste and is up to 75% less CO2 productive.
  • Affordable construction method, depending on the design this method is currently 10% cheaper compared with Mid tech construction methods in the Netherlands. Due to further development of the printable concrete the costs will reduces further.
  • Fast construction method, structural walls could be 3Dprinted within just 4 hours.
  • Besides the hydration process of the printable concrete is over within 24 hours, allowing finishing the 3Dprinted walls to be carried out 1 day after the wall is 3Dprinted.
  • Freeform construction, it’s possible to design curved walls without increasing costs.

Besides developing their own 3Dconcrete printers, they are able to optimize manufacturing processes for concrete elements by automating the process with 3Dconcrete printers.


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