LOCATION Germany/Berlin

Refrigerators powered by (solar) heat

Coolar is developing an innovative cooling system that is powered by (solar) heat rather than electricity. Wherever there is untapped heat – from sources like solar thermal or district heating – Coolar can provide a CO2-neutral cooling solution.

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Based on nano-porous silica gel the Coolar technology uses an adsorption cooling process, which allows it to operate without harmful substances like cooling fluids or lubricants. Upon disposal the Coolar system will thus not have to be treated as hazardous waste like conventional cooling devices.

Initially Coolar aims to help people with insufficient access to stable electricity by providing a grid independent, environmentally friendly solar thermal refrigerator that enables reliable cooling of medicine and food. But ultimately Coolar wants to provide a green alternative to conventional cooling devices worldwide.

Berlin based Coolar is supported by a team of 8, who engineered and built a first demonstrator, which is currently being tested and optimised. An important next step is the financing and production of 5 additional prototypes for field testing in development projects in Africa, or in communities on remote islands in close cooperation with partnering organisations.

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