LOCATION The Netherlands

Low cost eco transport pallets from coconut waste

CocoPallet makes sustainability in the Asian transport sector price competitive by pressing high quality nestable pallets using the available natural binders in the coconut fibers as a binder. The process is not only sustainable but it also cuts out the largest cost component of regular pressed wood pallets; the synthetic resin. CocoPallets cost less than wooden pallets as there is no need to import wood to countries with little forest resources such as China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

The additional benefits are less deforestation – 1, million CocoPallet equals 120.000 trees- , less shipping of wood used to make wooden pallets. Less storage space needed as the CocoPallet saves approx. 60-70% space when not being used. There is no need for heat treatment or chemical treatment (fumigation with methyl bromide) to kill pests and the CocoPallet is fully (ISPM15) compliant with international regulations. CocoPallets are free of nails synthetic components and are 100% bio degradable.

Making sustainability affordable is the most effective way to leverage change.


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