LOCATION Valencia, Spain
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A fashionable bicycle eco helmet that collapses for easy storage


Bicycle makes better cities. It is the transportation method for more than 200 million of people and is becoming part of the lifestyle and a reflection of a better society with sustainable daily habits.

Only 10% of the urban cyclists wear a helmet although this safety accessory could save their lives, normally because it is difficult to carry around and it does not match with their dress style.

CLOSCA seeks to solve these objections and transform the helmet into a fashion accessory increasing the number of cyclist and percentage of people that use the helmet as potential lifesaver.

Put the fashionable bicycle helmet in your bag. Its patented foldable system is able to reduce its volume in less than half of the initial one, allowing a final flat book-like shape in only one movement and in in less than 1 second. In addition, CLOSCA proposes an Eco helmet with interchangeable and customizable covers taking a step forward in deciding its use as a trendy clothing accessory.

CLOSCA was a participant in the US Start-up Tour 2014.



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Carlos Ferrando