LOCATION Göteborg, Sweden
AREA OF IMPACT Not Categorized

CarbonAte, a web based restaurant menu planning and climate impact calculation tool.

CarbonAte is a complete menu planning tool for restaurants, large or small. It manages their recipe database and menus over time and is developed to cater for the needs of chefs with too little time at their hands and low patience for computers. It is user-friendly and adding a new recipe takes no more than a minute. The main thing that sets CarbonAte apart from other tools is that we give real-time feedback on the carbon footprint for each ingredient to the chefs, in visually clear graphics, which enables them to know where their climate culprits are. They can thus quickly substitute key ingredients in their recipes to create more climate friendly versions of their food while maintaining their pleasant taste.

We also help them communicate their climate ambitions by automatically creating professional looking menus for them to display to their guests. Menus in pdf for print, HTML for web, or for screens in their restaurant. On these menus, we also include carbon footprint information for each dish, every day. The carbon footprint information shows the guests that the restaurant wants to be transparent with its climate change mitigation work, and provides them with information that enables the guests to make climate smart food choices. The mitigation potential from climate smart food choices is significant, in the order of reductions of 50% – 75%, while still serving perfectly normal, but climate smart food. By automatically generating the menus, we help them keep their web pages and menus up to date, while also saving time for them. They only ever need to new information in one place rather than multiple locations.


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