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Reducing the impact of rising sea levels in the world's delta regions

The young Hungarian designers’ project called CALTROPe answered the challenge caused by loss of territory due to the water level rise in an innovative and sustainable manner.

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The aim of the project is to synthesise and balance the natural dynamics and forces of the delta regions applying an easy-to-install modular structure. 
Watch the video explaining the concept 

How it works

CALTROPe is a lace-like structure that is able to catch and collect river sediment with the help of mangrove plants, so integrating natural and architectural elements. Working like a catalyst, it will provoke positive changes at the most critical shoreline points. With this cooperative, participatory and locally supplied work, the local population can be involved in a constructive and self-supporting manner.

What’s in the name

CALTROPe comes from the words ‘caltrop’ (water chestnut) referring to the shape of the object, and ‘rope’, to the linear, lace-like installation principles. The concept of CALTROPe has been set up by Szövetség’39 , an association of artists who usually primarily deals with complex artistic design.

Source: dezeen

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