BoxTango GmbH

LOCATION Switzerland
AREA OF IMPACT Urban Transitions

Logistics with passion – green container transport

BoxTango moves containers horizontally between road and rail with a newly developed transshipment technology.

They use this technique to provide a very competitive container transportation solution (combined traffic) to the needs of European shippers that is environmentally friendly, very easy to use and cheaper than conventional truck transport. With this new way of container handling they achieve substantial cost savings at the intersection of road and rail – up to 50% cost reduction. As those costs make up between 40 to 60% of the whole transport chain in combined traffic, they are able to offer a very competitive solution.

Instead of immobile container terminals they use “nomadic” transshipment points. And with the cost advantage they can relocate traffic from road to rail which reduces primary energy consumption (mineral oil) and CO2-emissions from 50% up to 80% compared to road transportation.


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