Blue Plastics

LOCATION the Netherlands

Mechanical recycling of PE-film

Blue Plastics has developed an innovative way to recycle PE (polyethylene) films. The properties of recycled granulate are significantly better than current recyclate, making circular use of plastics within reach.

The core of the process is an effective washing method that removes contaminants, both organic (plant residues, paper) and inorganic (glue, printing ink, oils, fats). This method saves energy compared to the existing hotwash recycling technologies. The final product is a clean and odour-free PE granulate. It is suitable as a substitute of prime raw material in the production of non-food plastic films for the agricultural-, transport-, and packaging industries.

Blue Plastics has started developing and testing the process in the lab of CHILL (Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs). After the successful realization of the pilot setup for 10 kg/hour in 2021, Blue Plastics is now building a demonstration plant for 3,000 kg/hours capacity.

Tatiana Novoseltseva, Founder of Blue Plastics:

“What we have achieved with Blue Plastics technology is absolutely unique. This technology has potential to revolutionize plastic recycling and change the way how we treat plastics. Recently, members of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste have chosen Blue Plastics technology as a part of solution to End Plastic Waste, and for us there cannot be a better recognition then by the industry itself. We believe that Blue Plastics can contribute to circular use of plastics and contribute to a Clean World Without Plastics Waste!”


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