LOCATION The Netherlands
AREA OF IMPACT Sustainable Land Use

Managing your assets with A.I.

Start-up developed a cloud-based service that turns aerial imagery into actionable information. gathers, analyses and visualizes data.

Measure, tack and report
The computer vision software automatically measures, tracks, and reports the status of assets like crops and wind turbines. This dramatically reduces analysis costs and increases revenue for customers in the precision agriculture and inspection market.

Farmers need up to date information on the location, number and state of crops, in order to perform precision farming. Gathering this information on foot or tractor is inaccurate and is disruptive to the crops. Inspectors of wind turbines and power lines need to locate defects, in order to perform the necessary maintenance. Gathering and analyzing this information by human or drone is dangerous and labour-intensive.

The technology of is able to detect whatever they want to detect. This allows the company to quickly enter different markets very easily.



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Camiel Verschoor