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Crowd-funding platform for energy-efficiency projects

Bettervest is the world’s first crowd-funding platform for energy-efficiency projects of companies, NGOs and local authorities that lets the crowd participate with high returns in the cost savings.

The money is collected on an escrow account until the funding goal has been reached and the energy-efficiency project can be realized. Each project must have been analyzed by an external energy efficiency consultant.

A defined percentage of the savings is distributed to the crowd until the investment plus a previously agreed upon profit has been paid back. SMEs, NGOs and local authorities can finance their energy saving projects and reduce their CO2 emissions. Additionally, crowd-funding is a very good channel for marketing & CSR.

Citizens get a sustainable investments opportunity that supports the energy transition and has a low risk profile compared to startup crowd-funding. Producers and sellers of energy efficient products as well as energy efficiency consultants can use bettervest as a sales and marketing platform.

Bettervest gets a percentage of the overall funding sum for each energy-efficiency project for handling and administration (10% once after the funding has finished and 1% on a yearly basis, during the contract period). 


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Patrick Mijnals, CEO