LOCATION The Netherlands
AREA OF IMPACT Sustainable Land Use

Hydro-powered irrigation system


With a vision to enhance food-security in the world, aQysta has developed hydro-powered irrigation system that can increase crop yield by 2 to 5 times.

The pump (calles Barsha pump) works on an optimized spiral principle and is designed as a sustainable, low-maintenance, low-cost irrigation pump to enable rural communities in developing countries to increase crop yield.

Barsha pumps do not require any external source of energy like fossil fuels or electricity for the operation and can be manufactured locally in developing countries. Barsha pumps are about 1.5 metres in diameter and can pump water up to a height of 25 metres at a maximum flow rate of 1 litres per second.

The pumps can be used as a stand-alone unit to pump water to the field or can be combined with other complementary technologies like drip or sprinkler irrigation systems.



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