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Digital solutions for sustainable manufacturing

The dispensing technology offers an ability to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of the textile manufacturing industry through the selective application of dyes and coatings. 

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Textile manufacturing is known to use out-dated manufacturing techniques that are inefficient and environmentally unfriendly. The production of textiles typically uses analogue print techniques to apply colorant, coatings or decoration.  These techniques create significant volumes of waste materials requiring processing and after coating fabrics require intense heat treatments in industrial ovens to drive off excess water and chemicals.

Alchemie’s technology is a novel digital dispensing system that delivers a solution for selectively coating or patterning fabrics.  Its dispensing arrays can be integrated onto textile production lines to offer on demand printing of textile coating or colorants (dyes).  The dispensing arrays enable an additive process for textile manufacturing delivering materials only where they are needed to significantly reduce materials wastage and enabling more efficient drying times. 

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