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Sustainable water treatment

akvola Technologies has developed a seawater pre-treatment technology that makes desalination faster, better and up to 90 per cent more energy efficient.  The team at  akvola Technologies believes that seawater is the fresh water source of the future and the best way to meet the growing demand. Making seawater an affordable and sustainable water source is essential to the future development of mankind in terms of economy, environment and society.

Increasing algal blooms and pollution events require innovative technological solutions which are both efficient and sustainable. The reduction of energy and chemical use is at the top of our priority list.

akvola Technologies offers a reliable water treatment process design based on ceramic materials to build compact package plants for challenging waters. Their technology, akvoFloat, is the perfect solution in seawater desalination pre-treatment for waters prone to algae blooms. With akvoFloat, SWRO plants will stay up during those events.


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