Agora Energy

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Smart bins for Cities, Cutting cost and CO2 emission by 40%

US Start-up Tour 2014

Agora Energy has developed a specific sensor that gives a complete view of each waste containers filling rate in real time. This information helps to manage the waste collection, optimize the logistical process and reduce costs.

Using disruptive technologies such as Sigfox network, Agora Energy brings a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution towards waste management optimization.

For cities, a connected bin costs 15$/months including a sensor + communication fees + online dashboard. This all-in-one service reduces by 40% waste collection costs. For cities, ROI is 1 month!

We mainly work with three entities: cities, containers manufactures and waste collectors. Our solution has been deployed in 5 cities in France and is testing in 6 countries: Spain, Holland, Germany, Poland, Singapore and England. We are also working with mechanical and electronic suppliers for manufacturing our sensor in France.