YEAR FOUNDED September 2014
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Breathing a breath of fresh air into the buildings of the future

Adaptavate are re-thinking the way building materials are made. Adaptavate have developed a bio composite that can be used in many building materials, with their initial product focusing on a plasterboard alternative: Breathaboard.

Breathaboard is a breathable plasterboard alternative that passively regulates moisture in the internal environment. This decreases the risk of condensation at times of high Relative Humidity (RH) which leads to harmful mould. This also reduces the need for mechanical ventilation, reducing in-use energy demand.

Breathaboard can also convert harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into ‘safe air’, creating healthy, productive internal spaces for occupants and workers. The composite has been designed to be cradle to cradle and consists of 80% renewable agricultural waste. At the end of its first life, it is not a pollutant to the planet, it is a nutrient.