Smart Impulse


Smart Impulse innovates to provide tertiary building managers with simple solutions helping them to better understand, and consume energy more efficiently.

They have developed a non intrusive power meter able to identify the power consumption of each type of equipment inside a building in order to target and monitor energy savings. Contactless, wireless detectors deliver a more accurate picture. Information is automatically fed through to provide a clear picture of real consumption per use.

The Smart Impulse solution is used primarily in the tertiary sector (offices, shopping centres, health, education, etc.), but also in airports and restaurants. Smart Impulse is for a varied range of site typologies, from office floors for which the occupant wishes to paint a detailed picture of the sources of electricity consumption in private areas to raise awareness amongst its users, right through to a 30,000 m² skyscraper at La Défense, where the operator is using a tool to help pilot the building.