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Pan-European, co-ordinated from France

January 2014

Decision Metrics & Finance

Greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring plays a central role in developing strategies for reducing industrial emissions inventories. However the high costs associated with the widespread implementation of the state of the art in emissions observation are significantly impinging on the incentives for industries to do so. Miriade intends to industrialise and commercialise the latest in affordable GHG sensing technology.

In sectors such as agriculture, waste disposal, transportation, and building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), accurate emissions measurement are crucial to recognising the environmental and economic value of adaptation and mitigation measures. The applicability of these measurements is dependent on regular and frequent updates delivered from sensing equipment. The small number of atmospheric monitoring stations limits the quality of existing data to verify anthropogenic emissions at a range of scales and across key sectors. A dense network of observation points is essential to support efforts for emissions reductions. The high costs of suitably accurate sensing equipment is preventing the development of such a network. Tunable laser diode spectroscopy (TDLS) is the technique of choice when monitoring GHGs at the level necessary to make accurate inventories. While some TDLS tools exist on the market their high price tag limits their widespread deployment.