Interface Applications and Serious Games


Pathfinder - Explores relevant climate arenas to identify and prioritise innovation opportunities


Pan-European, co-ordinated from the Netherlands

January 2013

Adaptation services

Existing models and databases containing information on climate mitigation and adaptation are complex and limited in their application. The I-Apples project uses serious gaming to stress the urgency and potential for change, particularly in water management, across the whole of society. Serious gaming is a computer game and incorporates serious issues into an interactive and user-friendly information outlet. In addition, interface applications are helpful to bring the right message to a wide audience, linking targeted information “from satellite to citizens”.

Only 0.7% of the global water supply is available for consumption. From that 0.7%, 70% is allocated to agricultural processes, for example, food production and bio-based economy. Further allocation of fresh water goes to energy production. The remainder is used for drinking water. With the global population set to rise and the impact of climate change taking effect, the world’s fresh water supply is forecasted to shrink even more. In addition, sea level rise and changes in precipitation patterns may give rise to floods and droughts, in coastal areas salin may increase. Measures must be taken to engage and educate all stakeholders in the planning, development, distribution and management of the optimum use of fresh water resources under the uncertainty of climate change, and in anticipating for more frequent hydro-climatic extreme events like floods, droughts and heavy storms.