CSA Booster

Climate smart solutions for agriculture

Climate change threatens agriculture worldwide. It impacts productivity and stability of production. Improvements in production systems and livestock breeding are mission critical and time is of the essence.

Agriculture worldwide faces negative impact of Climate Change

Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) is a way to achieve short term, medium and longer term agricultural development priorities. All stakeholders in the value chain from governments, to producers and buyers, should act as one to face the increasingly negative impact of climate change: securing necessary policies, technical and financial conditions for increased productivity, building resilience and the capacity to adapt, and seeking opportunities to mitigate emissions of greenhouse gasses

CSA Booster: filling the gap of technology supply and demand

There are currently many technologies and solutions for CSA available. Unfortunately they are not applied to their full extent. To force a change the CSA Booster was launched in January 2015. Climate-KIC funds this powerful initiative. CSA Booster is a network of enterprises and organisations. Its main goal is to increase the development, marketing and adoption of CSA solutions in Europe. Its primary focus is to fill the gap between supply and demand of CSA technologies. At this moment CSA Booster has a portfolio of 50 CSA solutions of which 25 are ready to go to market. The portfolio contains information on the product or service, the impact on climate, value propositions, market information, and information on finance mechanisms and management and legal issues.

Click here for the CSA Booster video. It shows what it is all about from a birds-eye view; in 5 minutes it displays what CSA Booster has to offer: How is CSA Booster organised? How does it work? What are the CSA Booster Service Modules? All these questions are answered, and more!

Fore more information about CSA Booster visit the website of CSA Booster or download the brochure.