Cool Farm Tool Space


Pathfinder – Exploring future demands, assessing potential for innovations to meet those demands and identifying barriers to their deployment.


Pan-European, co-ordinated from Germany

January 2015

German Research Center for Geosciences Potsdam (GFZ)


Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

Institut national de la recherche agronomique (INRA)
University of Debrecen (UoD)
South Pole Carbon (SPC)

Cool Farm Tool (CFT) was set up by the Cool Farm Alliance to help growers to measure and report on-farm greenhouse gas emissions and identify mitigation activities. The CFT has since been adopted by farmers working for a range of multinational companies making it an industry standard. However, currently the tool can only be applied in an ex-postapproach limiting its effectiveness and verifiability. The Cool Farm Tool Space project explores and tests the use of near real time and state of the art remote sensing data in the online version of CFT and link it to precision farming tools to give farmers a unique way to monitor report and most importantly verify their greenhouse gas emission.

In cooperation with industry partners a demonstrator will be set up to explore potential application cases using data from extensive data bases established at experimental sites in Europe. The demonstrator will then be used to set up workshops with farmers in Germany, France and Hungary to test and verify the most promising regional development trajectories for a supply chain greenhouse gas monitoring and verification service. Together with the industry partners and the Cool Farm Alliance the trajectories will be screened for their marked readiness to develop a set of potential business cases as result of the project.