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The broad, complex and systemic nature of climate change means that a multi-actor setup is required in order to adequately develop, test and implement new solutions.

At its core, open innovation is defined as “a distributed innovation process based on purposively managed knowledge flows across organizational boundaries”. These knowledge flows are governed through particular mechanisms, depending on the objectives and stakeholders, with the ultimate aim to create and capture value for those involved. While open innovation has emerged as an organizational level concept, there is increasing recognition that it has important implications across various levels of analysis.

On this page you will find the latest Open Innovation calls for proposals by EIT Climate-KIC in an effort to help build new ideas and address climate change mitigation and adaptation through innovation. New calls are added often so be sure to visit this page regularly for the latest updates.

Former Open Innovation Calls

Identification of Urban Resilient Water Solutions in India

Open Innovation Call to identify innovative solutions that can help improve urban resilient water solutions in cities in India

Identification of Urban Resilient Water Solutions in India Read More
Lower forward temperature in district heating

Open Innovation Call to find out how district heating companies can achieve a lower forward temperature without affecting the end users negatively.

Lower forward temperature in district heating Read More
Parking for power

Open Innovation Call target how cities can introduce a drastically larger number of charging stations for electric cars without causing power shortage in the distribution grid.

Parking for power Read More
Energy-Smart Nidaros Cathedral

An Open Innovation competition to implement deep energy retrofit and smart energy management for the Nidaros Cathedral in Norway.

Energy-Smart Nidaros Cathedral Read More
Indoor climate systems optimisation

Open Innovation Call to optimise public buildings using internet of things, new technologies and indoor climate systems in schools and classrooms.

Indoor climate systems optimisation Read More
The future of Hamilton

Open Innovation Call to engage innovators, companies and other relevant stakeholders who work with the concrete challenges facing Hamilton’s urban renewal.

The future of Hamilton Read More
Smarter Logistics for a Smart City

Open Innovation Call to determine how urban logistics can better support the sustainability goals of a smart city.

Smarter Logistics for a Smart City Read More
Sustainable Development Goals in Schools

Open Innovation Call to raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in school environments.

Sustainable Development Goals in Schools Read More
Open Innovation Call in New York

Open Innovation Call for new ideas, technologies, and approaches to reducing the negative impacts of urban air pollution and the heat island effect in New York City.

Open Innovation Call in New York Read More