About Climate-friendly Food Systems and Diets

Whether it’s widespread plastic packaging, high levels of food waste or diets high in meat consumption, our food systems are incompatible with a 1.5° C future. The farming sector alone accounts for approximately one third of global GHG emissions.

To reform our food system and boost global health we must tackle food production, distribution and consumption, as well as metrics, policies and habits. We will need to work with people and places and at the level of global value chains. This deep demonstration aims to catalyse a shift towards a sustainable, healthy food system that can feed future generations within planetary boundaries. Thise Mejeri is our first challenge owner. They are Denmark’s second-largest dairy. They are still owned by those who produce the milk – the cooperative members – still independent, and still organic. We will be looking to work with additional challenge owners to address four areas of change within the food system: primary production; food and feed processing and food supply chains; retail and consumer behaviour; and policy and public procurement.

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