EIT Climate-KIC Annual Report 2019

The time for incremental change is over

2019 was the year of climate action and declarations of climate emergency. Activists captured the zeitgeist through a global climate strike on 15 March of over one million people across 125 countries. This unprecedented climate action coincided with a notable increase in extreme weather events.

The world is at a tipping point, but there are reasons for hope.

2019 was also a critical year in the formation of the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation covering the period from 2021 to 2027 (Horizon Europe). The publication of EIT Climate-KIC’s Transformation, In Time strategy in late 2018 came at a very opportune moment. Our strategy was developed to reinforce Europe’s systems transitions capacity by connecting and empowering people, governments, industries, institutional stakeholders and investors to harness the power of innovation for transformation.

In 2019, we acted fast to implement our Transformation, in Time  strategy, declaring that the time for incremental, single-point innovations is over, and it is now time for entire systems transformation.

Our strategy starts from a recognition of the need to unlock systemic change in service of rapid decarbonisation and strengthened resilience and offers a practical model for doing so.

At EIT Climate-KIC, we have achieved much on the path to transformation over the past 12 months. A highlight has been the launch of Deep Demonstrations in 35 places across 8 themes (healthy clean cities; circular economies; climate-resilient regions; sustainable food and diets; landscapes as carbon sinks; just transformation for heavy industry areas; zero-emissions, resilient maritime hubs and shipping; and long-termism in financial systems), to pilot our strategy and learn how to deliver systems innovation as a service.

Please enjoy our 2019 Annual Report to learn more about our systems innovation approach to tackling climate change.


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