Trentino Development Agency

Trentino Sviluppo supports incubation of new start-ups as well as fosters innovation in existing SME’s. Local companies are provided with support services related to business start-up, partnerships with the Academia and Research Centres, innovation management, technology plants funding, internationalization, foreign direct investments, training schemes, information offices, equity capital, etc. It supports local government with finance services for local enterprises and real estate activities, with an overall asset amount of about 1 Billion Euro.

In 2008 Trentino Sviluppo created a 100% owned company, named Manifattura Domani s.r.l., in order to restructure an old tobacco manufacture premise and transform it in a green R&D industrial park. Now it is a prestigious brand of the company, hosting companies, research centres, labs, start ups. Progetto Manifattura is now one of the two thematic poles/B.I.C. managed by Trentino Sviluppo (together with Polo Meccatronica) and it directly focuses on start ups and innovative SMEs preincubation and incubation. It is a hub for business projects in the green economy and sustainable land use domains. It hosts almost 40 start ups and innovative SMEs. Progetto Manifattura is managed by Trentino Sviluppo and is designed to be a model for sustainable growth that educates the public as it stimulates the green economy. It is also a productivity platform that offers a mix of uses: offices, light manufacturing, fab-lab, test labs, research, education, and services.

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