SOCIAL GOB is social entreprise that promotes reaching a more sustainable and inclusive society and economy. New approaches and forms of articulation between public and private and more collective action.

SOCIAL GOB develops studies and research that contributes to practical knowledge in the way of generating greater social value from the potential of organizations co-designing solutions that increase impact on society. Also promotes social awareness and carries out political advocacy.

Provides technical assistance and analysis to entities of the private sector, public and civil society to integrate sustainability and increase the value and social impact of organizations, programs and policies.

All this through strategic thinking, sustainability, innovation, the creation of incentives, alliances, the measurement of results and impact.

Its activity focuses on:

  1. Support to public and private entities in the integration and implementation of sustainability and SDGs.
  2. Research, training, advocacy and awareness-raising activities to promote the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive economy.
  3. Design and development of innovative initiatives.

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