Redo Sgr – Benefit Corporation

Redo Sgr is an Italian real estate ethical fund and investment management company focusing on residential development, affordable housing, urban regeneration, social impact. With 20 years of top managers’ experience in the sector and an internal design and construction team, the company seizes innovation and research, implementing decarbonization technologies, innovative building methods, smart solutions and services as well as fostering local communities and people’s relationships.

L’Innesto is the Redo winning project for the renewal of The Greco-Breda site (C40 Reinventing Cities 2019), a former freight terminal of 6 ha, as part of the Milan strategic plan to transform underused railway areas of the City. Innesto is the first Zero Carbon “Housing Sociale” project in Italy, is the showroom of Milan’s new sustainability strategies. Redo is an Italian benefit corporation as shareholders, managers and employees truly believe in benefiting all stakeholders involved, starting from people and the environment.

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