My Personality Skills Foundation

MY PERSONALITY SKILLS FOUNDATION (MY PS Foundation) located in Nowy Sącz (Poland) is an organization, whose mission is to undertake educational actions, promote the life-long learning idea and build awareness of strengths, talents and predispositions of individuals, that will allow them to develop in accordance to the assumptions of the sustainable development. MY PS Foundation, seeking to implement the EU initiative aiming at skill development and improving competitiveness, as part of their activities conducts among others, the validation and certification of competences related with sustainable development.
Foundation runs extensive research in the field of psycho-social analysis and undertakes activities for the harmonious development of individuals based on talents, abilities and personal predispositions.
Main pillars of the Foundations activity are:

  • Validation and certification of competences described in the European Qualifications framework in terms of the GreenComp sustainable development.
  • Validation and certification of skills, according to assumptions of the European Skills Agenda.
  • My Personality Skills Psychometric Personality Analysis – an innovative and fully digital psychometric test, which allows to diagnose resources and developmental possibilities of individual. It is effectively used in recruitment processes, vocational counseling, coaching sessions, defining career path in schools and colleges. One of the modules of the Psychometric Personality Analysis verifies and defines sensitivity of a person to the sustainable development needs.

The Foundation was created by young people, whose calling is taking care of common good which is planet earth.

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